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Bearo the 53″ Plush Bear

For those of you that don’t know me very well, I love stuffed animals. I even name some of my favorite ones because they are cute and soft! Thank god I have a boyfriend that doesn’t mind my stuffed animals collection and even adds to them!

Both pictures are taken at Costco but there is a story to each of the pictures that I will tell you through this blog post. The picture on the left was taken on September 6th, 2016 showing me when I was still living in Philadelphia. I was single at the time and finishing up my last year of college. By then, I already accepted my job with my current employer but did not know where I would be place with only hopes that I will be shipped far away from Philadelphia. It was a normal grocery shopping day where I tagged along with my aunt and uncle to Costco just for the heck of it. There, I came across the grey 53” Plush Bear, pictured on the left, and immediately ran towards it. In my excitement, I tried to pull one out of the row of boxes with different color of 53” Plush bear. It was definitely tough trying to get one out as they were almost the same size as I was but I finally got one out and turned around to my uncle saying he should take a picture of how childish I am. So there go that picture, me being a child. I considered buying the bear but I told myself that I should wait for someone who loves me to buy it as a present. From there, I was hoping to have the cliche relationship goals of having your boyfriend buy you a giant teddy bear and surprising you with it.

Fast forward to almost a year later, here I am in San Francisco and found my love through Coffee meets Bagel. Ever since I started dating Frank, I dropped quite a few hints on how much I wanted a Costco bear but the Costco in the city did not have the bear so I was very sad. About a couple months has passed since our first attempt to find the Costco bear for me so I basically lost hope in getting a giant bear. Then, on Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, when Frank and I were both off for his driver’s test, he suggested to go to Costco in El Camino Real to get gas as it has a gas station. I figured since we are already in Daly City and my gas was already half tank, then why not? After waiting for about 20 minutes in line at Costco just to get gas, he asked if I wanted to explore this Costco. I thought nothing of it since we usually like browsing so we went inside. We were going from aisle to aisle until we hit the middle section where the bear was. I ran up to the bear and basically did the whole thing where I tried to pull it out and was unsuccessful in the first two tries because of how heavy and deep they were in the bin. Then, on my third try, I was able to pull it out of the bin and hugged it and then gave Frank the puppy dog face to basically ask for him to get it for me. After saying yes, I asked him, “What else are you getting here?” He said, “That was it. I actually only came here just for your bear.” This was a surprise to me as I thought he totally forgot that I wanted the 53” plush bear. So I told him that I did not believe that he came here just for my bear and that it was basically luck. So what does he do? He pulled out his phone to prove me wrong just like the amazing boyfriend he is. He pulled up an instagram post of one of his friend who bought the bear for his kid. So frank showed me the comment that he left asking where he got the bear and the friend replying with the address to the Costco we were in.

I basically melted into his arms as I thought it was the most thoughtful thing ever and that my wish for a boyfriend to buy me a giant bear and surprise me came true.

This post is basically to tell all of you out there that there is hope. Don’t just assume that your wishes won’t come true because look at me. The picture on the left was basically thinking that I will be single forward and not have anyone to buy the giant bear for me. But the picture on the right proved me, yes myself, wrong!

Now, I have added Bearo to my collection of stuffed animals thanks to Frank for his love and thoughtfulness.

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