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Outsidelands 2017

Outsidelands the place that of dunes and an empty part of San Francisco. Turned into the lovely Golden Gate Park with Ranger Dave the vast green space that hosts the yearly Outsidelands festival.

Before going to to the festival:
I decided to go to a music festival this year after never going to a proper outdoor festival. Chenny’s had never been to a three-day concert, so it was more of something we have both never went. I bought an eager beaver tickets this year which turned out to be sold out for less, but I ended up picking up one of the tickets for Chenny for cheaper. Initially, she didn’t feel like going, but I felt like it would have been great to have my partner in crime be here with me. It looks like the music lineup was not amazing for their ten year anniversary, but we figured we would make the best of it.

Leading up to the concert we got our tickets a week or two before the event. All the tickets were mailed and were kind of interesting since they went with a wristband. The wristband had looked pretty with bright colors and nice material. On the wristband, there is a RFID tag to check into the event, and a lock to keep it on your wrist for the couple days. Included with the tickets are the patches that can be sewn on as a memory of the event.

After reviewing the lineup, there were a few hits and the headliners. Some of the artists coming back from concerts I have seen before, but never a bad experience to revisit. We both listened to a bit of the music from the Outsidelands Spotify Playlist. For most days we decided to keep it easy going, and then go for the better part of the lineup. Chenny was looking forward to food is usually many food options at festivals.

The Festival:
Getting to the event wasn’t too bad most days. We ended up taking Uber instead of driving into the area as parking would have been a pain. Commuting looked to be an option, but it seemed like it ended up being an option where the trains leading back to the city were packed. Keep we waited out the price surge as it looked like it surged up to 10x having a ride for up to $200. In the End, we made it out.

On the first day, we both took off from work to hit up the Friday show. We both decided that we were good for going to each show in the afternoon and evening. Getting to Golden Gate Park, there were only two entrances to get into the festival one for the North and one for the South. We ended up alternating between both entrances, and the lines were not very long for the three days we had been there.

Going into the south entrance of the park presented is the main stage called Lands End. It is the main affair with the biggest stage, and space for the crowd so that it can accommodate the headliners. At the main stage, there were many food vendors scattered and with other vendors. For all the food vendors all local food vendors are local food trucks with some restaurants from the city which I had recognized. With the event being sponsored by Heineken there is plenty of places to get a quick drink of beer and basic Wine. Also walking around the area of the main stage and some of the other stages there were some great photo op moments.

That was the Twin Peaks stage was one of the other stages we situated ourselves during the festival. Billboard sized art pieces surrounded the stage done by local artists. At Twin Peaks, many food vendors were also pretty decent. There was also a Chase lounge which was available for Chase Sapphire members (Preferred or Reserve). I will admit it ended up being a good place to check out during the days at the festival. At the lounge, it gave a nice view of the Twin Peaks and the surrounding areas where we got an excellent view of the stages. From the lounge, there was free popcorn, coffee, and beer for people that got into the lounge. They had large LCD screens live streaming from the major events so that you can keep in tune with the stages and cleaner bathroom options than the typical options at festivals.

From the North, entrance is where we went through two of the days of the festival situated with a smaller Sutro stage, some food options, and Wine Lands. I have to admit Wine Lands wasn’t a bad addition for me and Chenny for both of us liking Wine and Wine options around the place being quite expensive. It allowed you to turn your wristband into a card/cashless option for paying for Wine while being able to enjoy Wine from about twenty different local Wineries in the area. It was also half price and gave you a nice small plastic cup that can provide a memory. From there was also a nice statue of Ranger Dave which was selfie friendly.

Musical Acts and the days:
After the first day, we ended up heading over to the south entrance to the main stage for our first act. We ended up coming in to see Tove Lo. Knowing some of her songs it was a good starter for going to the festival. She had a good way of getting the crowd started, and got the crowd going. After watching Tove Lo, we headed off to the stage to have a quick listen of Future Islands before hearing Alt-J. Future Islands had the same enjoyable and chill vibe from when I saw them last. From there we stayed at Twin Peaks where we were able to catch Alt-J. It seemed like the more desired out of general crowd since it was more of an Indie band. Definitely a good show and seeing the crowd singing along. Finishing up the night was the Gorillaz which we got to experience the nice memorable moments.

On day two we came in a little later. I felt that we came in later each day based on the acts we wanted to see. We ended up coming in for Vance Joy from the north entrance where we caught him at Sutro stage. A good crowd pleaser from his hit songs like Riptide, Mess is Mine, Georgia that I and Chenny both remembered and liked. As per expected he won the crowd over his acoustic acts and the hearts of fan girls across the crowd. From there we headed back over to Lands End where we were able to grab some food and catch Cage the Elephant. Being quite familiar with their music and also seeing them Always lots of energy and a good almost opener before the final act. (Funny enough they opened up for the same headliner when they played at ATT park a year back). Finishing the night was Metallica. Probably one of the best acts we got to catch while at the festival. The presentation was fantastic with fireworks at the show and so much energy from their show. Got to catch a couple of their hits with some new ones under my belt. While me and Chenny both felt like we both didn’t know Metallica as much and didn’t appreciate them until seeing them we give them two thumbs up from both of us.

On the third day, we came back to the festival. Probably the latest of the three days. We also ended up dead from the restless nights leading up to the concert and also during the concert. The rain didn’t help our situation as the other days were bright and sunny. We came in before the starting of Lorde. I had known some of her songs while Chenny listened to a lot of her Discography. She ended up having a pretty good performance but sounded a bit different vs. on record. From there we ended up hitting up The Who as our finishing act. Good performance with their memorable songs that I never knew was The Who until I heard them. We ended up leaving early to avoid Uber surge and also since we both had worked on Monday.

Food and Merch:
Throughout the three days, there were a lot of food options that we went through that was good. From what we had tried:
– Crispy Chicken Skins from Fob Kitchen – a great crispy delight. Gives you a nice reminder of pork rinds, but with out the thought of eating pork.
– Baked Brussel Sprouts – American Grill Cheese Kitchen – Interesting flair of Brussel sprouts with the taste of
– Chimichurri Fries – 4505 Types of meat – The Chimichurri makes the fries taste like they have gotten a blend of pesto like flavor with more earth.
– Philly Cheesesteak, Garlic Fries, Chicken Tenders – Earthly Delights – The Cheesesteak was very creamy and had a slight flavor of the cheese. The Garlic fries had a nice potent taste of garlic. The Chicken Tenders were piping hot from the fryer with a decent breading.
– Ice Cream Tacos and Banana – Rocko’s Ice Cream Tacos -An outside layer of crunch with a nice melt of ice cream which provides a burst of flavor
– Spicy Tater Tots – Japanese Pantry – Smothered in a great
– Lamb Sliders – Jack Rabbit – Super juicy and a great potent flavor of kick of Lamb

Throughout the festival, they had some cool merchandise. I ended up getting a few things from the festival. They had a nice blanket which had the logo and was warm. The T-Shirts looked and felt pretty nice where they were pretty soft. Also, there were last years Camelbak water bottles for $10 (Which usually cost $10-15).

For the festival, I feel like it is worth while for anybody who does like music and can appreciate some of the musical acts that are playing. It is a different experience going to a music festival compared to a regular concert. You’re not just there for the music there is the food, culture, people, and just the overall vibe. Would I go again depending on the lineup? Until next time guys.


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