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The beginning

So I moved to San Francisco three years ago (July 2014) seeking the potential for a new adventure. Not having much other than two suitcases and a new job lined up a couple of months after graduating I made my way from Canada over to what I could maybe potentially call a new home.

I would have to admit I never expected to move out to SF. I thought that I was going to be staying in Toronto, but here I am where I am at now writing this in a coffee shop. I have to admit one of the things that have kept me here is the atmosphere and the weather, but I have found something more.

So in my personal experience dating had never been a strong point for me. For some point, I thought that there wasn’t much of a reason to date and I could just be independent. Living in SF, it seemed like the odds were quite grim if you were a person like me. A typical Asian tech geek among the many other coders in this abundant start-up city I would admit I didn’t get many matches especially with the many dating apps available in the city. It also didn’t help that were more guys to women in the city, but a tad bit better than San Jose (Man Jose).

Fast-forward to April 2017 after patiently going through my matches for the last year or two I was pretty confident that the dating scene wasn’t working out. I remember the day after April Fools I got a message. It was a lady named Chenny and with a simple “Hey, how are you.” From there it turned into more. The conversation from others never felt as real as I felt like I had to keep pushing the conversation forward. I will have to admit this felt different and felt like we were genuinely both interested in each other. We both ended up asking each other questions, and it turned to the point where exchanged numbers. About two weeks later I ended up inviting her to dinner.

Going forward two weeks is where we both met up. I had invited Chenny to Burritt Room and Tavern which was a place I figured would be a romantic spot for their Jazz every evening and their lovely intimate setting. We both met up outside the restaurant because it was tucked away on the second floor of the Mystic hotel. From the date, where we shared some food and got to get to know each other from the conversations we had started from chatting over text. After dinner, I thought it was going quite well and also ended up paying for dinner. I had then asked her if she wanted to continue on the journey throughout the night and she said yes.

From there we walked six blocks in this lovely San Francisco evening to another hidden gem in the Hilton Hotel where I brought her to the 48th floor to City Scapes. I figured from our conversations a couple of days back that she enjoyed the view of the city from her visiting Twin Peaks. From there we talked and enjoyed a glass of wine while viewing the beautiful San Francisco night sky, and the rest is history.

Now I look back four months later as I am writing this and am glad she is right by my side.

Some things I found kind of funny and interesting while reading up on San Francisco dating:

The SF Bay Area, where the streets are paved with single young men

Until next time.

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